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Herland – Analogue Sound Design and Feminist Inspired Costume Design

This short promo for costume designer Amy Thompson’s project ‘Herland’, manipulates sound and visuals to create a compelling piece of film.

The sound design and music from newly established London company ‘Speaking Sound’ combines the use of analogue synthesisers and digital sampling techniques to map creative sound design to the visual movements. By using both organic and synthesised sounds the visual is given an underlying combination of sci-fi  and realistic qualities.

This collaboration between a number of young professionals each relatively new to their industries exhibits a very interesting use of visual/sonic relationships to support the concept of the director and costume designer.

Herland 5

Herland 4

Herland 3

Herland 2

Herland 1

London based costume designer and maker, recently graduated from studdying BA Costume for Performance at London College of Fashion.

 Available for both freelance and contract work. Also avaliable to take commissions.

 Interested in the collaborative art form of performance, with a particular interest in film and live events.

Experience in pattern making, costume construction, fitting, alterations, repairs, and dressing. Onset experience for film as a costume assistant and standby, and as a dresser in the theatre.
Has a passion for textiles and breaking down, with experience in dye studios such as Nicola Killeen Textiles and the National theatre.

Herland – Analogue Sound Design and Feminist Inspired Costume Design