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Higher than the Sun, and so one…

Mixed media on canvas by ALVARENGA MARQUES (Al.Ma.)

“…In this fluid, transparent and theatrical space, an interaction of mutual influence, either graphic or plastic, reveals itself – between the background pulsation (staging reality) and the overlapped drawings (paradigmatic of the childish imaginary). From this agitation an expressive strength of a nostalgic, metaphysic and a kind of lost time atmosphere appears….”

Al.Ma. likes  establish tensions, to focus attention from some icons by opposition to others.

At the present, she frequently use images like pop stars or very recognized objects in comparison with others less recognized, like typical, regional or tribal ones.
Sometimes this context creates a bizarre and an unexpected environment that  intends to catch the observer and lead him to wonder.

She broach the subject of playful mood, and uses scrawls to demarcate the territory that represents her imagination.

for further information :https://www.facebook.com/alvarengamarquesALMA   http://alvarengamarques.blogspot.pt/

Al.Ma © (100×100)cm

‘Oldest Times’ Al.Ma © (100×100)cm

‘Ring my Bell’ Al.Ma © (110×110)cm

‘Fetish’ Al.Ma © (120×80)cm

‘By air mail’ Al.Ma © (99:99)cm

Al.Ma © (81:65)cm

‘BB & friends’ Al.Ma © (81:65)cm

‘Rigatoni all’ Americana’ Al.Ma © (81:65)cm

Al.Ma © (135:100)cm

‘DreamWorld’ Al.Ma © (135:100)cm

‘Miss Fortune’ Al.Ma © (65:65)cm

‘Corn Dolls’ Al.Ma © (65:65)cm

‘New guys in town’ Al.Ma © (92:150)cm

‘Maria’ Al.Ma © (100:150)cm

‘The Beauty & the Brat’ Al.Ma © (65:65)cm

'Sugar babe' Al.Ma © (99:99)cm

‘Sugar babe’ Al.Ma © (99:99)cm