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Collin Elder Art

Collin Elder Art.

He paints to connect with himself, with nature and to share the awe of this planet with others.

Collin Elder Art

Caulen M, 10-12-14, 12:25 PM, 16C, 8976×12000 (24+0), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/20 s, R59.3, G37.6, B54.5

I began painting after leaving the realm of ecological conservation, which, along with a degree in wildlife biology, has focused my artwork on our indefinable connections with the natural world. I see my work as being a transition from conservation and how we relate to the past, into the redesigning of reality, inspiring a shift in our anthropocentric vantage-point. My paintings reflect a desire to see the world outside of the human language, reimagining the relationship between nature and our contemporary experience. I paint stories of re-inspiring our reciprocity with the non-human, hoping to provide a window to release the senses from their normal constraints, imposed by cultural norms that isolate us from the environment. At the same time I explore, through landscape painting, the idea of overcoming the sense of isolation in wilderness by engaging with the silent dialects of the natural world. These stories are a reflection of an ancient desire to re-unite our mental concepts with our bodily awareness, placing them in nature. The paintings play with the idea of looking through our classifications, technologies and ideas of separateness, into active, subjective participation with the natural.

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