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Houses of Sidi Bou Said and Kasbah in Tunis

Sidi Bou Saied, Tunis is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the Capital and one of the most beautiful one.

Its known for its amazing houses that’s colored with white and blue. White for the walls and blue for the doors and windows, And sometimes yellow also for doors. Its not known where did it start to do this some say that this place was inhibited by Greek sailors and those sailors wanted to make these colors so other Greek people can know them, While others say that this was inhibited by the families that was moved from Spain (Andalus) and they have this style with them there.

Actually I see that these colors are coming from another view which is trying to unify the colors of sky and blue of sea and try to get inspiration from the sea and sky which makes people feel more comfortable and more optimistic. (My profile in fb)