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Hugmate, The art of love chess set

Hugmate: The art of love chess set is an artwork that challenges the idea of how we perceive human nature and more specifically our instinct to engage in conflict.

It is an artwork and game in which the aim is not to capture or kill the opponent’s king, but to embrace him.

It is a twist on the historic game of chess but most importantly, it’s lots of fun to play!


It can be played in the traditional way with only this differentiation that the morality of the game is creating friendship. Strategically finding ways towards each other. The last move in this case will not be to knock over the opponent´s king, but the embracement.

Aside from whether you may like it as an artwork, you might also wonder if it really is fun to play and what the rules are. It has not yet been decided which set of rules should serve as the standard ones. Up to now I have thought of several combinations of ways to play it. The different gameplays have each proven to be interesting and fun. They have their own strategies but some will make a faster or more strategic game than others.

For more information about additional rules go to (where you also can get a little 3Dprinted artwork):

Colour examples

This artwork and game is part of the art concept “the moment of life” which the artist Felix Albers started in 2016. In the Netherlands Felix has build up a reputation as a portrait painter. He developed as a classical studied artist. In 2016 he starts creating his free works of art of which this is the first conceptual artwork.


This artwork is still part of a crowd fund to further develop the artwork and game and make it possible for more people to play a peaceful game of chess.