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Human Landscape | Claire Jean

Human Landscape | Claire Jean.

Claire recreates fish and backs, hands and wombs of water, claws and breasts, umbrellas guarding seas. It extracts the goddess that is in the skin, in the soul, in the naked hips, in the hands of the woman photographed. She extracts the faun, the cyclope, the faust, the god of the mouths and thighs of the ones she photographes.

It unites male and female in the same creature – Ouroboro in sepia, kaleidoscopes that sustain seconds, turning into almost eternity… Almost a god of all creation jumping multiverses.

The photography of Claire Alice Jean is a journey into the soul. She is the photographer of the human landscape. Arms wring twigs, bodies recovering from the earth, boiled in stone, molded again into new green leaves, newborns of immensity.
Claire rescues goddesses and gods from the mud, the fire, from the fountains that springs from her eyes.

Human Landscape | Claire Jean

Human Landscape | Claire Jean

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