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Human Space

Maria Svarbova titled the series “human space”, because they record various spaces of existence of different people.

Its when a person becomes part of the space. People create various types of spaces for other people where they spend their time, work, share thoughts, love each other and live.Human  can exist as an individual or become part of something bigger. People in my series became part of one big entity. As if human and space became one (human + space).  The series point out how important space is for humans and how humans shape the space they exist in. They take care of each other and help shape each other.SV2A5796-2SV2A5415_2 SV2A5631 SV2A5687 SV2A5694 SV2A5793-2 SV2A5644 SV2A5755-2 jump 4 SV2A5699-3 3 3 SV2A5708-2 SV2A1734 SV2A5089