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Humorous Juxtapositions; Stephen McMennamy’s #ComboPhoto Mashups

Humorous Juxtapositions; Stephen McMennamy’s #ComboPhoto Mashups

photo art is gaining popularity with the advent of all these fancy photo editing softwares. the range of possibilities with these softwares is virtually limitless. what was not possible is amazingly easy now. these tools at the hands of a creative photo artist can attain mind blowing dimensions.

Bringing a dash of his contagious sense of humor, Photographer Stephen McMennamy causes a whirlwind of humor in art by combining two entirely separate photos of drastic contrast to create unbelievably funny situations including transferring ice cream cones into snowy mountain capes.

Check out his work here

combo-1-1024x1024 combo-2-1024x1024 combo-3-1024x1024

Via (Thisiscolossal.com)