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Hybrids Story Tails

Heleci Ramírez, photographer, visual artist and communications specialist with experience in documenting all types of commercial and social projects and initiatives in the artistic and comercial world.

The portfolio “hybrid story tails” is a composition of elements that have been placed directly into the scanner, and then covered with a cloth (or with a manufactured box) to proceed to scanning. Here you may find different collections from different years.

Every image explores the boundary between photography and digital art by proposing a connection to photography from the light and an essential distancing. The ideas presented here does not suggest that the scanner is a camera but, the scan result it is considered a photograph.

By using this “technique” we noticed two things that make this process unique in comparison with other forms of image capture: first is the proximity and second the reconstruction of an idea.

In this case, the play between despair elements being together, is what gives life to this collection that recounts through the visual poetry and art-object different personal perspectives trapped by this technological tool that has allowed me to experience since 2005, motivating me to recreate little stories with a visual proximity that comes from my taste into detail, the absurd …and not so much absurd.