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Hyperrealist painter Leo Wijnhoven

Hyperrealist painter Leo Wijnhoven explores the social, economic, political and scientific developments in our post-modern world. He is not overly concerned with personal expression in his paintings, but rather focuses on changing consciousness.

Employing a broad range of styles based on realism, his meticulous brushwork carries an astounding attention to light, shape and miniscule detail in every one of his paintings.Informed by his objective to look critically at tennets of Western modernism, no subject is too ambitious for the inquisitive Wijhoven.
Wijnhoven’s subject matter is a diverse mixture of the surreal and satirical, as well as more straightforward everyday scenes and still life. His realism often reaches a photorealistic standard. No matter how simple his compositions may appear, Wijnhoven’s works possess meanings deeper than what is immediately visible on the surface.
Wijnhoven’s work has been shown in the Netherlands and also in the United States. He has participated in exhibitions held in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He currently lives in Amsterdam.


thou shall not,80x100 cm,oilpainting

thou shall not,80×100 cm,oilpainting

oilpainting,100x100 cm

oilpainting,100×100 cm

100x100 tight setting95

due time,70x100 cm,oilpainting

due time,70×100 cm,oilpainting

wide screen,80x120 cm ,oilpainting

wide screen,80×120 cm ,oilpainting

clean the machine,100x120 cm,oilpainting

clean the machine,100×120 cm,oilpainting

global uniformity,100x120 cm,oilpainting

global uniformity,100×120 cm,oilpainting

genetic graffitti,100x120 cm,oilpainting

genetic graffitti,100×120 cm,oilpainting

all or nothing,100x110 cm,oilpainting,

all or nothing,100×110 cm,oilpainting,




campbells 80x100 turn 90x90 black hole


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