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Hyperrealist Waters by Carina Francioso

Hyperrealist Waters by Carina Francioso.

As a contemporary painter I endeavour to express the world’s gift of water and acknowledge that it must be cherished and preserved. In addition, a portion of the proceeds of my water works go towards various water focussed charities.

Inspired by the calm or turbulent, incessantly changing waters of the world, my current work expresses the beauty and power of the sea and ocean in all its forms. These different states of water reflect our daily lives and emotions; at times serene, fluid and calm, other times stormy, chaotic and filled with confusion. Therefore my work is really depicting our culture with all its ebbs and flows. In addition to smaller works I often use large-scale canvases or wood panels as they heighten the memory of the experience, bringing it to life and capturing the vastness of water.

Living in a fast paced world where focus is on instant gratification, my intention with my artwork is to inspire the virtue of patience. Some of my paintings take months to create, not only because of the scale but because of my unending obsession with detail. This technique fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity; every detail is as important as the whole. I hope to inspire others to remember that some beautiful things take time to create, whether that be a painting, a relationship, a career, etc. My work has taught me this virtue over and over again and finally I have reached a point in my artistic development where I can begin to catch a glimpse into the processes/feelings that some of our realist renaissance masters may have experienced.

I use my own photographs as references, which allows me to fully translate the experience of a moment to canvas. Although I have an idea of the outcome I am often inspired to change colour or composition along the way in order to depict the ever- changing motion of the water.

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