Hyperrealistic pencil drawings by Keith More.

Small is beautiful.

I love the challenge of creating small scale hyperrealistic graphite pencil art without any compromises.

For many years I’ve been on a personal mission of discovery. A labour of love, developing and practicing my own personal techniques, refining my tool choices and embracing the liberation of high definition digital photographic referencing, this allows me to be able see the level of detail needed to achieve my goal. I want my art to encourage you to get close up, delve in and embrace the meticulous microscopic attention to detail, and I want my art to stand up to hours of close scrutiny until it eventually reveals all of its secrets to you. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of achieving this at just A3 size.

I also love the journey taken to create a new artwork from conception to fruition. From the moment inspiration, a situation or imagination uncovers the initial concept, striving to achieve the photographic representation of that concept, observing and contemplating that photograph and then figuring out how to translate all of that information into a hyperrealistic reinvention with graphite and soul. It’s a real challenge because values will always differ slightly from photograph into drawing and that’s part of the beauty of graphite. It’s an artistic tool that demands you to work hard to get the best possible result. Last of all, I love the solitude of up to 400 hours work that’s required to create one of these drawings, taking care of all the precise details along the way whilst keeping focused on the big picture until the journey is finally complete. Every moment of this process is unique and I believe that it’s time well spent if the aim is to express myself, connect with others and evoke an emotion. In fact, it’s an incredible privilege to be able to do so.