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I Made Minifigures Out Of Cardboard And Created Story Around Them.

I made minifigures out of cardboard and created story around them.

Im a creative minded person and feel very frustrated when the creativity strikes and have nothing to photograph. This was the main reason to start making these cardboard models.

I thought all the everyday home items that could be used for creating figures and found the boxes we used when moved are still in our garage. They had also “nice” package symbols on them which gave me couple of ideas of the story that could be created around them and also ended up using them concretely on two of my pictures.

So the models are mostly made from cardboard and glued together with hot glue. “Letter to Pedro” has also leftover plastic on it that I have found from trash of local signmaterial selling company in the past and storaged it for a reason I don´t know. Theres symbols printed and added to them and some other props made from different materials. The landscape materials varies from sandblasting sand to real water and potato flours. Scenarios has also lots of smoke created by smokemachine I own.

I used multilayer / lightning technique when photographing these figures. It gave me much more control in post and I could correct the mood of the light if the background required it. When I had all the necessary photos taken I combined them in photoshop and added background that I had photographed myself or from stock and modified them to fit in the story / feeling.

Im very happy for the results. They all have a story around them and you can create it on your own terms of imagination. I see and feel something sad but romantic and also hopeful in them, all the ingredients of drama. Creative mind satisfied… for now.



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