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I paint what i feel . I feel what i paint.

I’ve always been fascinated by the eyes in humans. They are to me what they say:

“The mirror to your soul”.

Stella Stylianou:

i paint portraits of women with permanent markers and oil colors on canvas

I strongly believe that no matter what the issues are with a person, when you truly take a deeper look into those eyes everything comes to a balance.
You have now touched his/her soul.

Influenced by the modern ways of communication through social Medias and the world’s biggest headlines combined with my 5th element which is music, I’ve created this collection.
It’s a series of portraits using images of women that daily run in front of my eyes and somehow trickle my imagination.
Through the eyes of these beautiful creatures i found a way to connect with the observer and illustrate feelings, worries and emotions with pure beauty and my personal twist of the story.
“I paint what i feel .I feel what i paint” is more than a statement.
. A personal journey.
. A moment of realization that everything I’ve experienced so far connects.
. Many little tiny atoms connected together forming a molecule.
. A self-enlightenment.
. A final destination.
. A deeper look into my soul.