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I spend 1300 hours on making my art piece (video HD)

I spend 1300 hours on making my art piece (video HD)

My name is Igor Dobrowolski
This is my FIRST video that I made in my life, showing the making of my FIRST art sculpture.
Sculpture presents “Human Failure” caused by the development of artificial intelligence (AI), people lack ability to function without technology. Merging peoples with technology and AI.
The cubes on the work represent the inorganic shapes that connect with the human.


(Inscription) on the “Painting” questions: “When your humanity ends? But what humanity is?

Thank to my girlfriend family and everyone who helped

One of the INSPIRATIONS for the sculpture was the “The Inferno” work of the French artist Rodin. My work was planned on about 2 weeks but lasted over 1300 hours. After making my sculpture I learned that Rodin had worked on the sculpture for 37 YEARS and did not finish it before he DIED.
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