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Idealism & Surrealism

Nine years of studying and researching theoretical physics produced some ideas that have reappeared in the form of art. My drawings are influenced by the underlying symmetry of everything, the idea that given time everything reverts back to nature in an entropic way, and a life long fascination with bones. Some other themes are the definition of freedom and the failings of idealism…

As a species we try to separate ourselves from the natural world, but despite the damage we do one needs only to look at abandoned places to realise there is a precarious balance between the world constructed by humans, and everything else. Our interference, such as the introduction of alien species and overuse of natural resources has left us as slaves to our miscalculations. Add to that the religious, social, political and other abstract constructs that govern us and we are trapped by our own design.Between trying to preserve our surroundings rather than further destroy them and trying not to implode and destroy the human species, ideals are something we cannot afford to maintain, and sometimes end up being hypocritical.

Having worked extensively on quantum gravity, the idea that spacetime itself can be quatized has also had an influence on what I draw. In my imagination it has become a tactile substance rather than an abstract concept. The symmetries innate in all subatomic particles and interactions have also manifested in the content.

drawing surreal abstract fish spacetime pen hexagon snow women

A3 pen/paper

surreal geometric pen on paper bee hexagon beehive honey flowers

a4 pen/paper

ruins buldings bellerina skulls trapped surreal pen on paper jellyfish drawing

a3 pen/paper

surreal warped space drawing pen on paper surreal abstract geometric spacetime

a3 pen/paper