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Identity, Environments, and Perception


My work focuses on the individual’s perception of their own reality through a variety of interpretations.The Pull The Horsemen Runners Placement 5 Placement 1 Perception 1 Inheritance Perception 4

One aspect of this concept is the relationship between an individual and their own environment, including the effects that each has upon the other. This environment can consist of locational, circumstantial, or psychological formations of our own realities.

I also explore visual interpretations of the edge between the conscious mind and the ambiguity of our own subconscious selves. This bridges into a number of questions, including the depth of complexity within individual human minds, the lack of a clear border between the conscious and the subconscious, and the varieties in which we perceive our own separate realities.

I draw on a large scale, working between the figurative and the ambiguous. I value the powerful impact that larger works have on the viewers, pushing them into a mentally interactive state with the work as its own environment rather than a passive spectatorship of the work as an object.

In my work I walk the edge between figurative definition and obscurity, pushing viewers towards the questions of these concepts, rather than answering the questions directly.