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Ideologies of the Present | Marius Burhan

Ideologies of the Present | Marius Burhan.

The painting and installation art exhibition dedicated by Marius Burhan to the so current reality of violence as a fundamental aspect of war in all its classical forms, and its metastasis into terrorism originates in the belief that the modern and current state of war is not spontaneous, but rather it is the result of general strategies of conflict between different civilisations, towards similar goals, whose concrete brutality and thoughtless greed are masked by sophisticate ideologies, based on sets of antagonistic principles. At a representational level, the works create the pressing atmosphere of chaos, destruction through the violence of the movement of informal coloured masses that engage in violent relations, with fluid interpenetration, a context in which we may observe residual forms of buildings and figures of soldiers, as well as aggressive gestures of war. The current exhibition is part of an ampler cycle dedicated to violence, its geography and springs.  https://ro.linkedin.com/in/marius-burhan-1a9b9926  |  https://www.facebook.com/mariusburhan


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Alexandra Titu                        Bucharest, 15.06. 2017