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If Colors Could Dance

Ennamel and watercolors on cotton fabric (100cm x 63cm)

The Ballerina with Red Nails

Ennamel and watercolors on cotton fabric (230 cm x 115 cm)

The Blue ballerina

The Bald Ballerina

(130cm x 120cm)

The Ballerina with the Sad Countenance

100 cm x 60 cm

Ballerina Dancing on Her Birthday

155 cm x 150 cm

The Gruff Ballerina

115cm x 100cm

The Ballerina in the red Dress

97 cm x 59 cm

Carefree Ballerina

98 cm x150 cm

The Short Legged Ballerina and the Blue Dancer

85cm x 60cm

The Free Ballerina

180 cm x 120 cm

The Elegant Ballerina

12 la bailarina de la triste figura

Benja Wilson

Born in Santiago, Chile. Over the years, I’ve been inspired by colors and their ability to convey the most complex sensations that even spoken or written language can’t communicate. I started painting after four years of architectural academic drawing and for the first time I encountered color as a subject itself. I believe that through the right colour combination and expressions, the true identity of a subject can emerge. I work with watercolor on cotton fabric because of the particular way in which the colors merge.