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If I were a Writer series

These series of images is dedicated to my life long dream of being a writer.

I moved from one country to another, never really had a chance to master any language I speak to the level of writing a book. I love to imagine what would my book be about. Who would be reading it. What emotions would it provoke in people. So photography is giving me a second chance with my dream.

Image#1. The mirror that speaks the truth.

If I were a writer, I would have written a story for children and grown-ups.  About magic mirror that was found by a girl. A girl who thought beauty and money are 2 most important things in the world. A girl who only wanted more and more and was never happy. A girl blinded by greed and self-praise. But when she found that mirror, found the courage to look into it, she came back. She discovered who she really was. And that was her second chance to find happiness.


Image #2. The queen of no kingdom.

If I were a writer, i would have written a fairy tale for children and grown ups. About some unknown queen, that wears a crown made of paper. Some queen that has no jewels and no castle. Some unknown queen without a kingdom. The happiest queen in the world though. Exactly because she has nothing. And because only she knows where the time is hiding.


Image #3. Someone who managed to catch the moment.

If I were a writer, i would have written a fairy tale mostly for grown ups. About a girl who met an enchanted butterfly. A really special one. Who taught her to stop worrying about her future. To take her time and appreciate the moment that she was given to enjoy NOW. Her moment! Her life!


Image #4. A dream that never came true

This story would be about a girl who’s biggest dream was to be a ballet dancer. She spent hours pretending to be one, listening to vinyls of Giselle. But when she was about 8 years old, she was rejected entry to the school of classical dance. And from that day on she kept that bitter, sad and painful memory. However somehow trough his pain life also taught her, that unfulfilled dreams and ideas are  like good friends with whom we shared unforgettable moments but did not  keep the relationship. We must be proud to have had them!


Image #5. The normal girl.

This time if I were a writer, I would have written a story for children mostly. About a girl. Normal girl. Neither Princess nor anyone. Who simply follows her great passion, her voice within. Without fear, facing uncertainty. . The voice that guides her and at the same time confuses her. But the more confused she gets,  the stronger she becomes. The calmer and the braver. A normal girl. Neither Princess nor anyone.