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1) Umanità senza volto (Faceless humanity)
Humanity that has become a commodity, or humanity crushed by the law of the market. The numbers below are the date and location of the invention of the barcode

2) Lontano dal Sole (Far Away From The Sun)
Dedicated to all migrant deaths at sea and to those that do not reach their destination, . Below the stylized reproduction of the painting The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb of Hans Holbein the Younge.

This painting is connected to the song and video “ Storie di uomini di donne e di sogni “(Stories of men women and dreams).

Katya Sanna - music, video, lyrics & quot; Stories of men and women with dreams & quot; dedicated to migrants

This is not the first time that Katya Sanna dedicates her work to social problems, there are also the old songs: “L’ora del silenzio” and and the poem “Senza casa-Homeless” dedicated to the homeless, “La città rovesciata” dedicated to the street kids, “Nuovi recinti” dedicated to the construction of the borders walls.


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Katya Sanna - Trilogy Of Stars

TKatya Sanna fantasy trilogy & quot; Le Chant De L'Ange & quot;

KATYA SANNA painting "L'Albore"

Katya Sanna embroidery & quot; Metal & quot;