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Illustrations by Maja Kostić ARTWORK

Maja Kostić is a young female artist from Podgorica, Montenegro.

Since being a little bit of an introvert, she discovered her love for art at a young age and as that love grew more and more, she decided to dedicate herself to gaining more knowledge and expirience thus expanding her horizons and opening up to new and unknown possibilities for her artwork.

After finishing studies as a graphic designer at the University of Visual Arts in Podgorica, she continued creating more and more art and working as a freelance artist and graphic designer. Now, she is one of two founders of NGO “AUT” – Alternative center for youth needs ( https://www.facebook.com/nvoaut/ ) which is providing support to young alternative artists, with the goal to promote the importance of art to the development of healthy individuals, as well as promotion of contemporary ideas and human rights through art.


Her artwork is expressed and applied in many different ways – graffiti/murals, comics, tattoes, prints (t-shirt, bag, mug, poster etc.)

What do you Hear?“I think of creativity as a sentient privilege. We are blessed with the desire and ability to shape our world in an attempt to understand it better; to explore the light and shade of our existence. We use color, sound and form, we are boats moving through water, what we create is in our wake.”Are you lost?If you're happy in a dream, does that count?Where is Home?What do you See?gjujin 00111