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Illustrator Hong Seung Won

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“Having style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and nothing important fact not a devil”; Gore Vidal, American journalist.

The style defines the artist. Each creates its own style in everything he does based dedication, naturalness and no small dose of daring. If we all learn by watching those who know more or nature, when individuals express happend in our ways.

      Seung Won Hong, which has been kind enough to fulfill myself portada- Illustration is a young digital artist and illustrator born in South Korea as only twenty years ago. Currently lives in Seoul where he works as a Illustrator.  His inspiration are the characters in menswear and Impressionist paintings (as he himself admits).

The works of Seung have begun to be published this year in several magazines related to the art world ( Men’s EX (Japan),Heren (Korea) and he assures me that- this month will be in Italian The Ice Fashion ). He has exhibited in several art fairs in the Korean capital ( Memory of Korean Movie and Cafe Exhibition in Hongdae ).

Obsessed with  Nick Wooster  (how will the good of Nickelson …), Seung brings with digital painting of his designs a different view of the most popular faces in the industry menswear : Lino Ieluzzi, Scott Schuman, Antonio Rossi, Nicola Ricci, Adam Gallagher, Mariano di Vaio, Gianni Fontana … Although also served lesser known characters-but equally interesting-related in one way or another to the universal masculine image Akihiko Nishi, Moreno Sargentoni, Thom Browne , etc.

I appreciate the portraits of different graphic designers because I love to recognize in them, so diametrically different in concept. Prior were Ivan Kasaj , Firdaus Ahmed and Lucia Serrano  those with disparate views of the photographic image portrayed me.

Thank you very much and good luck,

David García Bragado
© Photo: Jose M. Salgado and illustration: Hong Seung Won

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