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Impressions from cultural events on oil&pastel paintings.

Impressions from cultural events on oil&pastel paintings.

Nina Kochańska, oil and pastel paintings.
I’m from Poland, I live and work in Poland, I’m not a professional painter (I’m a self-taght artist), but painting is a big part in my life. Human emotions and special, unique atmosphere of different cultural events are the most often subjects of my work.
I love transfering my impressions from e.q. concerts, dancing’s shows and other on the pictures.
I sometimes do portraits of people who I’ve met.
I usually create oil or pastel paintings and linocuts.

I’d like to share my impressions and feelings with people. I think it will be fantastic to encourage them to contact with all kinds of art as well. I’m sure this is very important for human being; it makes any life happier, more beautiful and sometimes it helps to find our own talents and can give a new meaning to the life.

My biggest achievement is when I’m looking at recipients and I feel that they understand my work. Then, I know that we understand each other, we meet together in a beautiful space. People sometimes confess that I have inspired them, this is a huge prize.

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