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In the Present Moment

Have we ever realized that in this world of technological advancement, our lives have turned into an “auto-pilot” mode? Don’t we function in a robotic way, repeating actions and behaviors since our thought patterns has become hard-wired through repetition.

We always head toward some pre-determined destination that had been chosen for us by others. We don’t seem to make active choices and follow through on expectations without ever stopping and thinking about what really matters to us. We have come to accept the idea of getting through life rather than creating our lives.

This ongoing photographic series is aimed at becoming fully aware of thyself, making choices and living in the moment. It’s also intended to change one’s perspective and letting go of our past. A reminder that fresh start is all we need to channel our thought process and really be who we want.

Every image has been subject to multiple interpretations and is left to the viewers to decide. Some of the shots are self portraiture of mine and others have been captured with the help of supporting seniors of mine. I hope this series can bring a positive change in your fast paced life.