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InComing Black – Giuseppina Irene Groccia

InComing Black – Giuseppina Irene Groccia.

A journey into the female soul, through the figure of the face: it is the path to which this original artworks by Giuseppina Irene Groccia are bound. A journey not at all simple, since the woman of Gigro is perpetually and deliberately elusive, protests and retracts, reveals and at the same time hiding, tells and leaves to the observer the task and the ability to tell beyond the design, line, color… She is a constantly moving figure, never tedious or depressed, willing to talk but without letting himself grasp completely, jealously elegant in preserving his intimacy, the mystery and the greatness she is aware of; she now loves to talk about himself and her intimate drama but at the same time careful to avoid the banal emphasis, almost as to defend that extraordinary universe of life and pain, defeat and redemption, but also of beauty and desire, which has always been a symbol and together caretaker, urging the observer to seize new emotions, to travel on new readings; now it seems to glitter to those who cross her gaze to immediately retire to her mystery. So, the observer perceives moods and different situations, carving one to discover another, in a play of lights and shadows, of tensions and distant tones, of suspensions and fast resolutions. The tracks of “InComing Black” as well as all digital collections: Gigro’s woman tells herself and her intimate mystery, with shadows and colors, looking in the eyes or sowing her eyelashes: she gives and resumes her own life. In her face is the story of all women.

Rolando Mendicino


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