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Incurable melancholia

beauty has no colors (s) dance with the devil (s) found you (s) Maria is at the door (signed) milky way (s) mirror of her character (s) Nina's flip bw (s) painted CENSURED (s) the last employee (signed) up in smoke darken (s) Anastasia's look redone (s) Anastasia's reflection(signed)

My photographs might describe my work better than I would . I would say that a melancholic feeling is on most of them . Melancholia can be sadness and happiness at the same time remembering a great moment that will never happen again .

I like to shoot in abandoned places . I like the look of old buildings and enjoy the feeling you get when entering them . Most of the time trespassing . I try to imagine what were the previous owner doing in there . How come this place is now decaying . You never know what you are going to find when entering it for the first time . It’s some kind of exploration . A mix of curiosity and fear at the same time .

Having a beautiful woman posing in such places is what I like to capture . I believe I like the contrast of it .