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Indecisive Moments The City

Artpeople Arch de triumph Web Artpeople birdcage Artpeople Bogaz final Artpeople Croxing Artpeople Final Academia Artpeople Gondol1 Artpeople LonBri Artpeople Luvre Artpeople Montmartre sacre coeur Final Artpeople paris senn Web Artpeople SargadaT Artpeople Shangai Artpeople St Paul Artpeople TianamenSQ Artpeople Tokyo tower Artpeople venice 4 Web Artpeople Venice2 copy Artpeople VS_Paris ARTpeople_MG_0622 Artpeople_MG_1429Final 122 Venice Platza Tower Eiffel Ozkasim’s city as the place of the foreign (and the foreigner) and yet already familiar, offers up a perspective to reflect on the emphasis and impact of today’s new cities has globally produced images. The modern city is in continuous evolution; obliging social, cultural, and migratory phenomena that by their nature are essentially dynamic and mobile. Sounding the passage to a multicultural and global society situated at the cusp of the transition from the analogue to the digital era, this new city is constituted by the emergence of different values and by the integration of the opposites of uprooting and integration, identification and transgression, and the encounter and collision of different cultures. Murat Ozkasim’s Indecisive moments photographs are an explicit invitation to ‘another place’ in physical terms, while suggesting the singular terrain of the mental space; underlining the expressive charge of direct human activity conditioned by ‘the city’ but also equally, imposed on it

Directed somewhere between representation and abstraction Murat Ozkasim’s praxis constructs an axis around a thesis that aims for a photographic engagement with the visual “surface” of the City beyond familiar tourist clichés. As if a contemporary flaneur were strolling around the city, Ozkasim’s blurs and swatches develop an unforeseen narrative; a uniting of photographic detail and painterly gesture when the filtered street views that show nameless passers-by’s – blurred beyond recognition – ‘merge’ with their surroundings fuses photographic representation and painterly abstraction. These abstracted images of cities, histories and geographies signifying social action as well as suggesting an unravelling of a personal biography and become a point of departure to chart the presence of a fundamentally urbanised and digitally connected world.