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Ink Folclore | Gabriela Güllich

Ink Folclore | Gabriela Güllich.

“Folclore” is a project based on brazilian folklore. All artpieces are inspired by a different indigenous story. This project contains five popular stories.

“Naiá” is a girl who fell in love with the moon; one day she drawned herself trying to catch its reflex. A plant with a white flower that grows into the river rised right in the place where Naiá died. This plant is called “vitória-régia”.

Ink Folclore | Gabriela Güllich

“Guaraná” is a very popular fruit in the north of Brazil. According to the story, a great warrior was killed by a snake and his mother buried his eyes. Guaraná is a red fruit shaped like an eye.

Ink Folclore | Gabriela Güllich

“Mani” was a child with white hair, she died because of a disease. Mani was buried and in that place grew a plant with brown roots and the inside as white as the little girl. The plant was named “Manioc”.

According to indigean folklore, “Boitatá” is a gigantic fire snake that crawls over the forest at night.

“Naipi” and “Tarobá” were lovers, but Naipi’s father did not approve this romance. They died in the waterfalls trying to scape from the tribe. Iguazu Falls legend says that Naipi turned into a rock and Tarobá into a palm tree that grew in that rock.


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