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“Inner Universe” series | Milly Martionos

“Inner Universe” series | Milly Martionos.

Milly Martionos’ work, compactly overt and unbreakable involves as a series of layers on both literal and figurative levels.

Flirting with abstract expressionism, Milly has stepped from the dripping technique, known as “action painting”, in her earlier works, to the use of freely formed but precisely located brushstrokes in her latest themes.


Her work “inner universe” resonates with impact and feeling and is in a sense self-portraying. The artist’s ideas, thoughts, and psyche are depicted in cognitive maps and are presented as evolving structures of smaller elements departing in varying trajectories.


Consistency and honesty in her work are expressed through her very distinct choice and combination of vivid colors and the persistent feeling of implicit vibrations from a hidden light source.


Milly’s work is vibrant, energy compact, playful with the qualities of light, movement and emotion and in the same time deeply meditative; an artist confession inviting us to indulge in an act of self-exploration.


Dr Stella P. Pieri

Architect, Art Consultant, Independent Curator

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