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INSIDE OUT | Erzsebet Nagy Saar Artist

INSIDE OUT | Erzsebet Nagy Saar Artist

The artist, who is the mediator of her inner world, gives us amazing insights. We, in retrospect, find ourselves as part of their work. After all, it is we who have to leave the surface of the omnipresent to encounter our own depths in their images. Artwork and viewer face each other, but Nagy’s works challenge us to renounce this duality for a moment. For only when we let go of our usual points of reference does the experience of their multi-layered representation of depth reveal themselves to us.
Did the artist put it on it? No, because their works create an authentic image of their inner world, in order to allow themselves to be explored by art lovers. But when trying to open up, they inevitably allow him to mirror his own interior.

In this way, the observer Erzsebet Nagy evidently experiences SAAR’s new works in the common experience of their art.

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