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From inside to outside – translating emotions from feeling to canvas

Born in Rijeka (Croatia), 22-year old Sandra Knego studied painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Bologna (Italy) from 2014 to 2015.

When it comes to art medium, there are no limits; from pencil and charcoal, over acrylics on canvas, to graphics tablet, Sandra paints her current mental states and feelings which overtake her in a frantic need to express herself through figures and colors. With feelings at the very core of her work, she develops an idea and approaches the empty canvas with a vision – a vision of pure emotion, whether it’s sadness, anger, happiness, love or frustration. Sandra Knego is currently freelancing and preparing for application at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (Croatia).






Tabula rasa


Monotonous and confused


If we only






It still hurts...
















Fucking miss Italia
















Stop hiding