Inspiration to Ancient Queens

Black and white photography is my favourite field, for I believe it allows me to capture the target in the almost magic way that may produce strong and pure images without any unnecessary distractions. When working on my black and white images I give particular attention to the sources of light, and contrast, so to be able to create very interesting images that could pull the viewers’ eyes

I’m someone who has been keenly interested in the middle eastern cultures, especially those linked to ancient traditions. During my research in this regard, I came across a lavish traditional Yemenite Jewish bridal wears, mainly consisting of rows of dangling necklaces and corals, as well as ornamental headgear, looking like ancient queens. This inspired me to come up with this unique jewellery stylish work, which highlights the beautiful traditional Yemenite Jewish bride wears.

Inspiration to Ancient QueenInspiration to Ancient Queen

Inspiration to Ancient QueenInspiration to Ancient QueenInspiration to Ancient Queen

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