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Inspiration and fulfillment | NAILS ART by Joanna Dymek

Inspiration and fulfillment | NAILS ART by Joanna Dymek.

What does it mean to feel fulfilled?

How to reach the balance between your obligations and pleasures?

What to do to feel wild and free in this crazy technology-operated world? In the world where at every corner they offer you yet another contract to sign and shower you with regulations and various limitations?

At some point you have enough so you leave your house just to walk on where you feet may carry you-somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle.

On a sunny, cold mid- afternoon you find yourself in a forest, admiring beautiful sunshine that glitters between the trees as if trying to reach your face with its rays.

Right then you think “There is nothing else I want to be happy, only this moment”.

But after about an hour or two you hear your growling stomach asking “Hello, remember me? Where is lunch”? This is when your mind comes back to earth and you sadly admit you need to go to work and earn money to provide for yourself and your family. Then you go to a job that you don’t even like and ask yourself “Why does my life look like this”? You reminisce over your childhood remembering the days when you could forget yourself in your passions. Passions that brought so much joy and development into your life that you didn’t even notice the time going by.

Today you have a regular job and day after day you impatiently glance at the clock waiting for it to strike 4 p.m. Do you think you are fulfilled?

Job without pleasure is bondage.

Living only by pleasures is vanity and stupidity.

However, a job with passion is pure pleasure, a ticket to freedom and a return to your roots.

As an artist I’ve had worse and better days when it came to selling my work – I knew I had to gain a solid profession to get my feet on the ground. After analyzing the job market I chose a school, finished it and acquired a profession- I’m a cosmetologist.

In the meantime I revolutionized my life-I quit my low paid, boring job, became a mommy for the second time and left my old stomping grounds in order to taste something knew.

I obeyed my inner voice knowing that all those things meant to be. I was afraid-yet at the same time I felt peaceful and believed in the deeper meaning of all that commotion.

I desired changes, I craved new perspectives, a chance of self-development, and I wanted to feel alive again.

Toruń (the current city I live in) gave me a new home, new friends that became my family, and a fresh inspiration to live.

I slowly grew fonder of this city and its historic yet modern atmosphere.

My husband, who has inborn visionary skills, helped me to start up and manage my own company- a mobile beauty salon. My salon is not a regular one, I resigned from renting an office in order to reach every location where the presence of an experienced beautician is needed-a beauty salon with a soul.

I was so excited: working for my own, having close contact with lovely women, spending time on beauty treatments and that look on a customer’s satisfied face…priceless.

That was a real breakthrough in my life……yet I was still missing something.

My artistic soul wasn’t giving up. And that haunting thought: How can I combine passion with work, how to sell services that are simple yet needed just like a daily bread and how to do it in an unconventional way?

How to be different from others?

How to do it? How to be able to put my whole soul into it- to feel the fulfillment that every artist feels when his peace of art is complete?

How to bring those things together?

I didn’t know the answer to these questions for the longest time.

And then one day as I was with my family at the beach watching a beautiful sun set, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

That was the Gallery in London-they sold another of my paintings. Wow! “In England I am the bestseller artist of the year why then can’t I live off my passion? “I whispered that question as if to myself, yet my husband who was standing close by heard me…….he turned his head away and was silent for a moment. When we returned to our hotel and our tired children finally went to bed, we got our jackets on and went out to the patio to get some fresh air and have a cup of warm tea. My suspiciously silent husband looked at the dark sky then he turned toward me and asked “Do you remember the sunset at the beach today? Do you remember what you felt then? See, everything good is like that sunset we saw today. There is a reason why God gave you a talent to capture every moment, thing , person or event….in a way that is absolutely incredible to others but to you so obvious and simple. Why don’t you give women a possibility to enjoy things important to them, to lighten their appearance, to describe their personality, their mood, help them to capture important moments in their lives? Turn that into art for them, art that they will be able to take outside and feel good about themselves and every time they look at that piece of work it will brighten their day.

Use that gift, show the world what you can do, combine work with pleasure and always be yourself.

Let the art arrange with their beauty, with the area they live in- make them feel like a piece of art for a moment.

“He has gone crazy! “- I thought to myself.

Today I find myself in the same forest I was in, when I asked myself “the” question: Do I feel fulfilled?

It is quarter past one in the afternoon, the sun is again dancing amongst the trees. The smell of the trees and the fresh air is so breathtaking that it causes a gentle burning sensation in my nostrils. I absorb these gifts of nature and I can feel the energy coming back to me. It’s almost time to go back home, to make lunch and then enjoy it with my family.

After that I have an appointment with one of my clients. She called this morning and said: “Ms. Joanna we are painting a wild cat today because this is how I feel”.

Everything is a state of mind-and that state depends on faith- and faith comes from God.

Am I fulfilled?

Guess for yourselves…


Inspiration and fulfillment | NAILS ART by Joanna Dymek