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Inspiring Preservation Through Art

The <em>Éveil Collection</em> is a photographic series inspired by the artist’s involvement in environmental conservation.

In French, Éveil refers to awakening – recognition, realization, coming into awareness of something—transformation of consciousness that ignites a desire for change.

The intent is to connect viewers with their own kinship for the natural world.
The compositions present a unique allegory—an internal rhythm that embodies our relationship with the beauty found in nature, contrasted with the realization of human consumption and the impact we have on the planet.

The human form is isolated by layering masculine and feminine contours with images of  industrailzed environments.  Éveil aims to bring awareness to a generation where society is becoming ever-more detached from the natural world and consistently more reliant on disposable technology. http://www.desireepatterson.ca/eveil-2015-2016

Éveil Learning and Development - Desirée PattersonÉveil Untitled - Desirée PattersonÉveil Divided - Desirée PattersonÉveil Fallen - Desirée PattersonÉveil Untitled - Desirée PattersonÉveil Untitled - Desirée Patterson