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Inspiring work by Ulrich de Balbian

Who is Ulrich de Balbian and what do you do?

I am in my sixties, born of a German mother and Dutch-French father.

I lived and studied in a number of countries, including Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain.I have doctorates in Philosophy and Theology and qualifications in Social Science and Fine Art.When i was young I did sociological research in South Africa, so I know certain areas, of this vast and very diverse (culturally and geographically) country.I worked as an academic (philosophy, art and world religions) so that I did not have to be dependent on the Art Industry for a living.

Through philosophy I reflected deeply on many aspects of existence, including culture and more specially art, and the Western painting genre.

I specify Western as it is very different from the painting traditions from Asia, China, India, Arabic countries, etc.

As social scientist and philosopher (I published fifteen books in that discipline, two in theology and others) researched  socio-cultural aspects of art , for example the code of the discourse or socio-cultural; practice of Western Painting.

As well as the Art Industry and Market. Many people interested in art and artists do not realize that the centre of the Art Market has shifted from the West (1) US, 2) UK, 3) France, 4) Germany) to Asia (1)China, 2)Taiwan, 3)Hong Kong, 4) Korea, 5)Singapore). Major Art Fairs and Biennales are held in those countries and Private Collectors built their own museums, as there used to be few national museums as in the west. Those private museum collections can compare with the best national Museums in the West.

I mention the art Market and Industry as I question the traditional system of commercial galleries, auctions and the influence of billionaire collectors on the price of works of art. I am a maverick and rebel as far as these things are concerned and i am not allowing them to control my type of work. Too many artists, similar to the rest of the popular entertainment industry, felt the need to produce sensational work, so as to be noticed. I never was dependent on the art industry as I had other spruces of income as academic. I retired at forty from that so as to work full time on my art, and writing.

I have studios in South Africa, Spain and France. Copy-of-for_Wassily_K_2a Copy-of-q93a eg410 eg502 eg509