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Installation- object | Marius Burhan

Installation- object | Marius Burhan.

Based on our previous visual researches and the today’s cultural dimension, the project we propose involves the reconstruction of a space with the help of objects/ installations, in a situation of public impact.

The magnitude of this incursion is determined by the conceptual plurality of the object: by both the adequate visual affirmation of an artistic intention by the means of the multiple landmarks, and as the practices and forms of manifestation in all the artistic evolution of the project.

Often perceived in motion, the visibility of an object/installation is solved by the creation of a volumetry which defines itself thus resulting in a completely new structure. The proposed structure is based on the repetition of several different components, which create, by symmetry, a cell-modular pattern that can grow infinitely, varied to its extremes. At the same time, we took into consideration the materials’ efficiency, the assembly’s logic, the aesthetic beauty, focusing ourselves on the technical superiority and the elegance of details. Consequently, the object becomes a signifying fabric, filled with meaning, turning into an absolute materialization of reality, a reflective processing reality.

Installation- object | Marius Burhan

The central objectives of the project are presenting a theoretical research methods and proposing a way of visualising the plastic image, taking from the relationship between painting and object, to installation/ object and emphasizing the existence of a specific plastic language.

In order to develop the practical part of the studio creation, we fathomed the theoretical understanding of the notions of perspective, architecture, three-dimensionality, materiality, for they were used as landmarks and connected to the evolution of international art.

The contemporary visual landscape implies a complex relationship between architecture, visual arts and painting, based on interconnectedness and on a great diversity of stylistic and technological approaches. Thus, the process of essentiality leads to the development and diversification of the dialogue between painting and space. The object/ objects create/s its/their own identity based on the limits of the given space, seeking the proportionality between the details and the elements of the ensemble.



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