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installations of thousands of wooden cubes by Juan Carlos Amaya


The artist Juan Carlos Amaya after a successful business career, jump into the art world in 2010, on his 36 years old, as a reinvention of his own life, making real the huge passion he has rooted from his first years of existence, time he had successfully conquered international awards for painting. His work influenced by the techniques of constructivism and cubism starts from artistic works created pixelated optical effects thus finding their first own style called Pixelart. In the process of artistic evolution, he has worked on projects in painting – sculpture, where the constant construction of their projects has been the focus of empirical career in art.

 His work is outlined from the geometry. Three-dimensional strokes of his wooden cubes, material that develops all his works: The Angles, the complexity in the integration of the cubes to procure the maximum definition in his works process, the fine methodology of his work, the scale of shades of color find a perfect symmetry in the composition of the images, forming a perfect result of his artistic works.

http://www.juancarlosamaya.net/espanol/historia.html   ,