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Internal Beauty | Maria Bazarova

From spending a great deal of time making photos of people I have developed a passion in people, their faces, eyes and emotions, so as an artist it seemed the logical step to progress this passion to a new painting collection about “People”.

Often when I close my eyes I can see endless black light, and thought I would try and portray this.
– I spend a great deal of time making photos of people
– I like a passion in people, their faces, eyes and emotions.
And I thought, that I can paint them in canvaces.
So I have my first collection of oil paintings with name “People”.
I even have a trendy name of this style of mine… “Li-Ro” for Line & Round – as this forms the structure of paintings in this collection.

“How difficult is to discern inner beauty, which is not inherent in the external. But when recognizing it, you can be surprised how much it is immense and beautiful..” (Maria Bazarova)

Internal beauty



I was born in the mid-80s in Lithuania, in the small but amazingly beautiful young town of Visaginas. This beautiful place of Lithuania is close to the borders of Latvia and Belarus and it has had the most profound creative influence on my inner self.

From a young girl I was convinced I would associate my life with creativity, often impressing my fellow students and teachers with my artist flair. Later I moved to Kiev (Ukraine) to further my studies and graduated University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Kiev is an amazing special city and has influenced me as a creative person. Here I learned many techniques and became fascinated with people and being about to see their inner light. I loved the beauty and elegance of the facets of the human body.

After completion of my studies it was necessary to make a living. I used my talents in graphic design, though this was not for-filling my creative desires. “After all, it is amazing how quickly wings can grow! They can bother and hamper our living, but from other side they keep us from falling. Especially when people meet their love and suddenly are forced to say goodbye to it forever.”

At age 29 I became engaged with my beloved man. He became became terminally ill and died after a long illness. My dreams were fated not to come true and as a consequence of life’s misfortunes I returned home to Visaginas to the family home where I deeply plunged in art, books and meditation.

This world is amazing and multi-faceted by the splendour of radiant emptiness. And exactly this shining light of emptiness, has become the basis for my current paintings. “From now on, the canvas has absorbed the whole essence of human passions, images and masks, showing them in the light of our time.” – Maria Bazarova