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Intimate Installation

Notes in the half-light 

To talk about intimacy is to talk about relationships involving personal closeness; to propose such intimacy in the context of an exhibition may seem a contradiction in terms. In this case, however, we are invited to take various paths leading to a personal encounter: an immersive, sensory experience. Shapes and textures, images, smells, sounds and texts aim at the construction of a space steeped utterly in the undescribable.

Delmira Agustini’s poetic production renders womanness into discourse through the physical and the earthly, holistically integrating eroticism, the act of feeling and their expression. Delmira’s work suggests an attraction towards the dark, a tragic and sensuous melancholy, at once sacred and profane. Complex and dislocated cutouts of an image with uncertain borders. Notebooks, witnesses of  insomnia, filled with crossings-out, corrections and designs following into each other helter-skelter. The photographic negative reveals the force, erasures and substitutions of a perpetual writing and rewriting. A changing, chiaroscuro weave, as rough and crude as it is soft and inviting, even when succumbing to identification with the lacy and angelic “Nena”.

The exhibit is comprised by pieces that establish a dialogue with each of the exhibition spaces that have housed it, the tensors in the context of a site-specific work. On one occasion, the rooms of an old late-nineteenth-century villa, the Quinta Capurro in Santa Lucía, were used. Later, the white-cube space in the Kavlin Centro Cultural in Punta del Este, over twelve metres long. The present exhibition is housed in the space formed by white planes and the original textures and columns of the old building of the Centro Cultural Simón Bolívar, in Montevideo’s Old City.

Alejandra González Soca, 2015.

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Curator: Clio E. Bugel

Original music: Dany López

Photography: Manuel Gianoni

Description Installation

Soft volume made of combed fleece, raw fleece and pieces of lace and weave joined together by needle-felting.

Dual projection on overlapping screens made of black soil and fibre.

A selection of images from the poet’s personal notebooks, in photographic negative.*

A selection of the poet’s personal photographs.*

Olfactory space of  exotic, dense essences dispersed by synchronized vapour diffusers.

Reading area displaying several editions of Delmira Agustini’s poetic works, available for the public to read.

Sound space created by composer Dany López, based on two bars found in Delmira Agustini’s original notebooks.*

*Documents found in the process of research in the Delmira Agustini Archives of the National Library.

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