Iranian Tribal Women | Mozhgan Etezadi

Iranian Tribal Women | Mozhgan Etezadi.

10 paintings from the album “Iranian Tribal Women”

“I can say this with courage,that the best time of my life was when I studied at the Faculty Of Fine Arts at Tehran University,between 1975 and 1980,the golden ages of the Fine Arts university,the colorfulness and brilliance of the youth.
We were the generation who had the chance and glory to be able to study with some of the best professors at that time,such as: Ali Azargin-Hannibal Alkhas-Mohsen vaziri moghaddam-Rooeen Pakbaz-Irandokht Mohasses-Behjat Sadr-Marco Gregorian-Hamidi-Victor Darash-Payande Shahandeh-Nahid Saliani-Soodabeh Ganjehee-Morteza Momayez-Jalal Shabahangi-Hadi Shafaeeie-Azar Nafisi-Ms. Shayans- Sima Kooban-Gholamhossein Ganjine-Mohammd Ehsaii-Habibolah Ayatolahi-Arab Ali Sherveh-Mir Fendersky and……..”

Mozhgan Etezadi

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