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Irene Di Gregorio – LAMINA

Born in Padua in 1983, she always demonstrated interest and passion for art and graphics. Graduated with honors as graphic designer, since more than ten years she works as a graphic artist specialized in multimedia and 3D.

Since 2008 develops her personal art project called “LAMINA” which involves creating materic works through the manipulation of metal plates and recycled materials of everyday use.



LadyTrustfall lipizzaner


The project rises from the artist‘s need to regain possession of the materiality, the tactility of doing, that distinguishes and opposes this context of free activities from the working dimension of Irene, where creativity is resolved within the perimeter of the two-dimensional monitor.

Starting from a quick sketch the essential lines are drawn on the plate, boundaries of a subject that arises as a mere pretext, reassuring linear element, that allows not to waste the gestures that will be accumulated, but rather to keep them lovingly. They are traces of an identity that, time after time, is transposed on the metal surface, through a stream of mind that is tamed by the hand with refinement, spreading itself through a thousand ways of abstract decoration, which dematerialize the depicted object. The beauty of this work lies in its slowness, made by the endless repetition of meticulous gestures that are juxtaposed one another.

Once completed, the work of Irene doesn’t closes in itself like a concluded and self-referential universe, but the opposite, it opens himself to atmospheric game of the light that, with his elusiveness, caresses the surfaces, sliding across it, concealing or highlighting the processing details, undoing its compactness. The unique and unrepeatable work reborn indefinitely in thousand new ways, as many as the slices of light are, as many as the moments that the observer wants to capture.