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Irina Bast- the artist without frames

Irina Bast- the artist without ”frames”.

Irina Bast is really international artist. Her talent was opened in the childhood with pictures contained 3D elements. Now she uses different techniques – collages, 3D paintings, pictures with plastic and metal. Also she admir es beading and different natural materials. However, Irina Bast doesn’t use oil and acryl in her artworks because by her opinion in the contemporary art need to find something new and unusual to show for audience. The example for the inspiration by Irina’s words is Salvador Dali who was great not only in surrealism but also in jewelry making, author of installations and was a creator and designer. Irina also never accepts any rules in the art and doesn’t exactly know what she will create next time.

Anna Akhmatova. Collage. Portrait. Russian writer

Irina Bast.

I find life without art impossible. What art movement do my paintings belong to? I don’t like labels; I prefer to be free in interpretation of my ideas. I don’t like to have a feeling that my paintings lack something, so in my work I use different tricks, materials and techniques. It seems to me that using only traditional means for work is dry. Often glue, paper, decoration materials and volume elements can express the idea better. Just like the artist’s thoughts and fantasies that live not only in his head but come outside and get their own life, the paintings also can “come outside” being unrestricted by the canvas frames. For a better communication of the idea I can use all available means: pictorial and graphic arts, collage, assemblage, body prints, video and installation.