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Iron soul of hexagonal nut | Alexey Doubrovsky

Iron soul of hexagonal nut | Alexey Doubrovsky.

Can you weld 4000 nuts together? If you can, how long will it take? And if each nut is welded in the right place in the right position so that you can recognize a person? Heck! Even I don’t know how I do it…

Iron soul of hexagonal nut | Alexey Doubrovsky.

      For many years I tried to come up with
 something new, until it turned out what you see.   

I never learned to draw or sculpt.I never even learned welding, but I know how drop by drop nut by nut breathe life into steel.

My biography is not unique. Like millions of my peers, I was born, studied, worked, etc. Boredom!

Life in Belarus is hopeless if you are not a relative of the president. I am not a relative.
but I am not interested in wealth or fame. I worry about my sculptures like a good father who worry about his children…


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