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Iron Soul. Painting with rust

Alessandro Carnevale is an Italian artist who has dedicated his particular art to the expressive possibilities of industrial archeology.

The post industrial landscape became, in the meantime, a metaphysical and terribly concrete place, where memories chase the flotsam of heavy industrialization. The wounds of pollution, the fatigue of several  generations of workers, the hypocrisy of an unsustainable energetic model: all of these things remain silent in the decayed greatness of discarded factories. Factories like churches, cathedrals of a lost world: a place where he’s tried to create a post-apocalyptic landscape inhabited by ghosts of the 20th Century.

From a technical point of view, he’s perfected the arts of engraving, sandblasting and lithography: using these skills he’s developed his own technique, beginning with painting on different metallic surfaces exploiting alchemical reactions.

In the Iron Series, the rust naturally produces amazing textures on the metal: Alessandro Carnevale hase managed to control the oxidized iron in order to create a portrait of  this “Metallic Disgrace”, the same material contained in the remains of the abandoned factories.

Alessandro Carnevale, Industrial Archealogy, Rust, Industrial Art

Alchemical reactions and industrial paintings on Iron

Industrial Art

Rust become colours in all Carnevale’s artworks

Industrial art

Light “flows” on metal roofs creating a refraction effect.

Alessandro Carnevale, Industrial archealogy

The Artist burns iron surface to create images.

Alessandro Carnevale painting

Rust designs an incredible portrait of clouds and atmosphere.

Alessandro Carnevale painting

Old portainers and abbandoned industrial structures are the typical subjects of Carnevale’s artworks

alessandro carnevale painting

Combustion on metallic surface

Alessandro Carnevale painting

Abbandoned industrial port

alessandro carnevale

Painted on metallic wreck

Alessandro carnevale painting

Industrial wrecks