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Jakob Davies , an artists voyage into the unknown.


Constructing a piece to someones wishes and desires is what truly drives me.

Capturing a photo can give a greats sense of place and time, but a painting goes outside of these confides and explains a lot more. Giving something that contains raw emotion, through the process of colour, individual marks and a whole lot of inspiration. That’s exactly it for me. Without this ability to produce work for people, I wouldn’t know what made me tick. 

I have always taken to art, it’s a voyage into the unknown. It’s a way of feeling something without words, which is instead replaced with a number of carefully calibrated brushstrokes. You can take what you will from it, which gives it such intangible amounts of beauty. I recently completed the UAL art foundation , but I wasn’t exactly a conventional student. I didn’t like the idea of running with the pack, so I strayed away from it all. Isn’t art truly about conveying your very own ideas, and not fitting into a conformist, idyllic system that may work for the majority, but not for everyone?




Riley Maestoso​