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Japanese Words Turned to Chocolate by Nendo

Japanese Words Turned to Chocolate by Nendo

9 distinct peices of chocolate turned to art by Japanese designer Nendo. None look alike or tastes the same. Despite using same ingredients, the difference in texture

makes them taste totally difference.

Deriving the inspiration from an onomatopoeic words from Japanese language, 400 limited edition sets went on sale Maison and Object trade fair in Paris.chocolatexture02_akihiro_yoshida chocolatexture04_akihiro_yoshida chocolatexture07_akihiro_yoshida chocolatexture08_akihiro_yoshida chocolatexture11_akihiro_yoshida chocolatexture13_akihiro_yoshida chocolatexture17_akihiro_yoshida

Via (Thisiscolossal.com) Nendo