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Jeanne Saint Cheron | Figurative painter

Jeanne Saint Cheron  born in 1973 in France, the artist is self-taught.

Jeanne Saint Cheron inspirations are mainly drawn from the horse world, fascinated by both the explosive power and the refined elegance of the animal.
Rich in symbols, touching fantasy and allegory his work can be summarized in the equestrian art where animal. This is the art of transporting us beyond appearances .

Jeanne Saint Cheron | Figurative painter


Member of the Taylor Foundation.

Member of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris.

Silver medalist in 2007 Arts, Sciences and Letters, Paris.

Vermeil medal in 2012 Arts, Sciences and Letters, Paris.

Select in 2014 by the prestigious magazine Univers des Arts (French and European Magazine) among thirteen outstanding French figurative artists of their generation. The magazine celebrated its twenty years of existence in December 2014 in the Gallery of the Taylor Foundation in Paris by a prestigious event bringing together the thirteen artists.


Via : http://www.jeannesaintcheron.com


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