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Jennifer Alarza, artist

painting my mother oil

watersoluble oil on board

a little girl and her mother in the nineties

Motherhood in the 90s by Jennifer Alarza

Self portrait in water soluble oil by Jennifer Alarza

Self portrait in water soluble oil by Jennifer Alarza

English musicial James Bay with hat

English musicial James Bay with hat by Jennifer Alarza

Spooky child. Water

Spooky child. Water by Jennifer Alarza. soluble oil on paper

portrait painting inspired by a blind girl

Flower girl by Jennifer Alarza


Born in 1991 in Spain, nowadays living in Madrid. Artist, daughter of a polifacetic self-taught fabric doll maker, I grew up in a very artistic and natural environment surrounded by paint, cloth and nature. Climbing trees and drawing people I knew since my childhood, I realized that art makes the world a better place, at least for me. I discovered early that I wanted to be an artist. When the time of decisions came, right before finishing high school, I decided to pursue a passion that always had been at the back of my head; this passion was the fashion world. After working in a scenic costume atelier for a while, I finished Fashion Design in 2013 in an Arte10. I had a good time, but it was not enough, I needed to express myself and my soul trough paint and brushes in a canvas.

I recently began feeling satisfied with my artwork, finally I’m expressing myself the way I love. Especially I’m interested in portraits; how through graphite or paint stains we can recreate the soul of a person through his face. Real art to me is something mystical, which connects us with the Source and transmit its message in a paper, canvas or a rock of a cave as our ancestors did brilliantly. The materials I use are quite traditional; I like my paintings to have some mysterious aura, even when the colours are very bright. Currently studying Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and combine it with freelance work and portrait commissions. My soul is self-taught, so whenever I try things on my own and compared with academic teaching. In addition to art, my passion is the old world and its mysteries, archeology and anthropology. While I wait for a painting to dry or take a break after a day of creation, it is easy to find me reading old books about ancient knowledge. http://cargocollective.com/jenniferalarza