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jessica feldman art

jessica feldman art.

Jessica Feldman was born in Cleveland Ohio, lives in New York and at an early age travels to Mexico City where she lives until now. He has the opportunity to study at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and at the Academy of Art in Florence, as well as taking several courses at the San Carlos Academy and the Miami Art Center. Painting is his great passion and since then he has had numerous exhibitions both collective and individual; The biennial of florencia 1999 representing Mexico, participates in the auctions Grupedsac 2002 and 2003, presentation of work in Royal Bol with the assistance of Don Gabriel García Márquez 2013, exhibition Figuratively speaking in Gallery Chelsea New York 2014, exhibition in London Galería Zero, Exhibition in Miami Raw LMNT wynwood 2014, exhibition Miami river Art Basel Gallery Nina Torres, auction Mexico I live in Museum of Modern Art Mexico 2015, Museum of State Government of Oaxaca 2015, Art Basel week Spectrum Miami 2015, Mexcat Barcelona for collection in Latin American museum In Europe, Torres Bicentennial Museum 2016, Museo Jose Luis Cuevas 2016 just to name a few. In addition his works have been in California, Atlanta, Chicago and Cuba.


jessica feldman art

In this time of multiple communications but at the end finding ourselves lonely and broken in pieces

Seeing just a fraction of that moment or getting caught inside an invisible cage looking outside

That is what jessica feldman wants to transmit to all the spectators   To make them wake up and really see and embrace the people and the things around them. To cherish every moment and enjoy life.

jessica feldman art

the fusion of cinematic art and geometrical forms with figurative art is the thing that differentiates her from other artists.

Lets start living the moment and stop trying to be in multiple places at once. It will only brake you  in pieces.


In painting, as well as in the arts in general, they require a great deal of discipline, but in Jessica’s paintings it requires a high degree of knowledge of geometry, projective, mathematics, which serves to interpret the competitive elements adequately , Elevation and profile) maintains the fundamental elements of drawing, point, straight and plane. It does a reinterpretation of the axonometric perspective.

Represents the patterns of the creation of the universe, the world, nature and the same human being and allows us to spiritually attune ourselves to our environment. Jessica Feldman paints characters, small human figures everywhere, since in an urban or natural landscape they often serve to help the painter to create her perspective her world, but in addition to doing it in an unconventional way, accentuates in greater detail the interest Of the subject, is where we can discover the relationships in which it is based on life and consciousness as clear examples of its creative capacity. As a climax, the most complicated of his work but at the same time the closest and intuitive is the representation of the way we have to see intensions, feelings, emotions or thoughts that surround us, his painting is a powerful key to the heart. It is where the artist introduces itself in an extraordinary way with the art of its strokes and movements with knowledge and perfection of the human soul.